As a result of the 1st call for proposals, on 10 May 2017 the ADRION Monitoring Committee approved, under condition, the first 35 projects. Funding will only be granted to those projects which will pass additional checks (i.e.: state aid, anti-fraud, financial capacity of private partners) and comply with the conditions for improvement of the ADRION Programme.
The Interreg ADRION transnational cooperation programme covers the same geographical area of the EUSAIR. For the 2014-2020 period, it has an EU financial allocation of Euro 99.2 million (83.5 from the ERDF and 15.7 from IPA). The ADRION priorities – innovative and smart region; sustainable region; connected region - are largely consistent with the EUSAIR Pillars. Additionally, the programme provides support to the governance of the EUSAIR via a strategic project "EUSAIR Facility Point" (Euro 9.8 million ERDF+IPA) implemented via eight partners from the participating countries, led by the Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy.
The first ADRION call for proposals - with an appropriation of Euro 33.1 million ERDF+IPA - had a bottom-up approach and was open to all topics included in the three priority axis of the programme. A second call for proposals, to be launched towards the end of 2017, will be targeted towards priorities/topics identified by the EUSAIR Thematic Steering Groups, whenever they are consistent with the programme's objectives.
More details on the approved 35 projects, under conditions, to be found in the ADRION programme website.